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The National Day of Love® is a celebration of love through giving every third Saturday in March. It started in 2017 in Houston, Texas as a way for people to come together in love. Since 2017, the National Day of Love celebration has expanded to include scholarships, school supply donations, meal donations, teacher's appreciation awards, and more.

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Our Story

Diedre Banks, our founder, started the National Day of Love® in 2017 to bring people together in love. The purpose of this day is for people to come together all over the world, whether virtually or in person, to celebrate love by giving back. Diedre Banks believes in the power of love to bring people together and change our world. We do that through giving and learning about love.

Diedre Banks also started Love Awareness Month to teach others how to operate in love. It starts on February 15th and ends on the third Saturday in March or National Day of Love®. Diedre believes that when more people act in love, it will change our world for the better. For example, there will be more productive members of society, people will feel better about themselves, and there will be less violence.


We have created excellent equipping videos and activities to help you grow in love. View our materials on our Love Awareness Month page or go directly to our ministry partner, Elevated by Love Ministries where you can find a host of materials.

The National Day of Love® has gotten widespread support since it started in 2017. People are enjoying giving back in love in their communities! We encourage you to see how you can give back to others and improve your communities. We are all better together. Find out more information at

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