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Our community partners help us provide valuable and strategic programs to our communities. We partner with nonprofits, employee organizations, and schools to provide scholarships, sponsorships, food distribution, and community outreach to our communities. To find a list of our community partners visit here.


Community partners work with us in our Sponsorship & Strategic Partnerships Program and our Scholarship Program. The Sponsorship and Strategic Partnerships program seeks to find qualifying organizations that are making a valuable impact. We offer them partnership in our program and most partners will qualify to receive a sponsorship award for that year. Partners do not have to receive the sponsorship to be part of the program. They may choose to waive their sponsorship award but partner with us to host an event.  Involvement in the program is voluntary; however, it provides a valuable resource for communities to grow in love and continue to do the great work they are doing. 

The Scholarship Program seeks to partner with universities and colleges that have an existing program in which they partner with community organizations, businesses, and nonprofits to offer scholarships to their students. We use endowments and operating scholarship programs at the schools to host the scholarships. The school then chooses a recipient for the scholarship and pays out the funds from the operating scholarship or endowment as prescribed.


The Scholarship Program is an excellent asset for our communities. Students have benefited from receiving scholarships from our foundation which has helped them pursue higher education and provide value and strength to our communities. 


Partners in our Sponsorships & Strategic Partnerships Program must agree to our program guidelines to participate. Find a copy of the current guidelines here. Not all partners receive funding. They must meet the requirements in the guidelines to receive funding. However, they can still participate in our programs. 


Partners in our Scholarship Program agree to specific terms as outlined in our scholarship agreements for that university and time period of operation for the scholarship. We and the university or college agree to abide by the terms of those agreements.

Current Communty Partner
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