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Love Awareness Month

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Love Awareness Month is a time to learn all about love. It is celebrated from February 15th to the third Saturday in March (the National Day of Love®). Come join with us as we celebrate love! Find equipping resources and ways to connect through our partnership with the learning platform at Elevated by Love Ministries. This is our ministry partner.

Want to see some samples first? Take a look at the links below and see some sample activities and videos. 

Easy to follow videos and activities
The equipping videos for Love Awareness Month are short and easy to follow. They will help prepare you to teach others about love and grow in love yourself. Start at the beginning and work your way through or pick specific topics on love at our ministry partner, Elevated by Love Ministries. Activities are age appropriate and organized by grade. The materials are periodically updated to provide you with new information.

Equipping Vidoes

Intro to Equipping Videos

Equipping Videos

Find More Equipping Videos

Click on the link to find more videos and courses at our ministry partner, 
Elevated by Love Ministries

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