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Sponsorships & Strategic Partnerships

Program Overview:

We work with other organizations who have programs for reading, math, writing, and science to empower families to reach their full potential. We also work with organizations who support education. We look for organizations that are making an impact in their communities. One of our goals is to partner with them to make a difference in our communities in the area of education. The Banks Foundation, Inc.'s board chooses organizations for the program based on the work they do in their communities, building relationships, and aligned interests and goals.


Guidelines for Sponsorship: 

All members of The Banks Foundation Inc.'s Sponsorships & Strategic Partnerships Program must be federally recognized nonprofits under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) with an Employment Identification Number (EIN). The organization’s main business purpose must be to support education. The organization cannot be organized for the purposes of lobbying, political gain, or participating in federal or local elections. Accredited K-12 schools and public charities are included. Private foundations are excluded.  Limited sponsorship opportunities are available for employee organizations or philanthropic divisions within corporations for matching corporate gifts. Restrictions apply.

All sponsorship opportunities must be pursued in good faith with the expectation of having an ongoing relationship with The Foundation. All partners must have the same goal to enhance their community and provide equal opportunity for all individuals serviced in their communities.  


Meeting with Christina Morris, principal of North Bend (formerly North Belt) Elementary in Humble, Texas. 

Program Participation:

To participate in the program, applicants must be in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service as determined by the Internal Revenue Service database. If this information cannot be determined directly, The Foundation may ask the organization to supply their federal tax-exempt determination letter. The eligible organization should have public information such as a website, newsletter, or other published information which explains their mission and activities. 

General Sponsorships:

Our general sponsorships provide resources for our communities for education. For example, our members can receive sponsorships for science fairs, school supplies, tutoring, etc. Sponsorships are in the forms of community grants, fixed fee grants, and volunteer grants. To learn more about our sponsorship policy click here.

Community Partners:

Community partners in our Sponsorship & Strategic Partnerships Program receive funding in the form of grants to sponsor activities in their communities on National Day of Love® or during Love Awareness Month. These relationships are developed over time and help strengthen our communities. To learn about our community partners, visit here.  We also have community partners through our Scholarships Program and Community Outreach.

Adopt A School

Our Adopt a School Program is one of our sponsorship opportunities in our sponsorship program. Since 2019, we have worked with schools in the Houston, Texas and Chicago, Illinois areas to provide school supplies. Our fantastic donors make this great program successful.


We look for schools that are in need of assistance based on income and industry ratings. We also look for locations that are open to working with us to better our students and communities. We then develop a relationship with the schools and seek to continue serving each year. 

Our Adopt a School program has helped hundreds of students receive school supplies to further their elementary education. This program provides direct value and support to our communities to help them reach their full potential. 



Teachers at North Bend Elementary in Humble, Texas
thank us for sending free books for their local library.

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