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Community Outreach

The Banks Foundation, Inc. (The Foundation) is a nonprofit organization that believes in the power of community outreach.  Since its inception, this organization has hosted National Prayer Campaigns, developed relevant Bible teaching, and supported organizations that make positive impacts in their communities. We do community outreach through three main ways: prayer and evangelism, Bible teaching, and food distribution. 

Community Outreach through Food Distribution: 

We believe in partnering with other organizations to make a positive impact in our communities on National Day of Love®. One way that we do that is to partner with local businesses to provide food and/or other similar resources on National Day of Love® to our communities. These partnerships are outside of our Sponsorships & Strategic Partnerships Program, which is for nonprofits who are focused on education.


In 2023, we partnered with Wood N' Hog Barbecue in Urbana, Illinois to provide free meals to patrons on National Day of Love® while supplies last. We continue to look for other opportunities to support our communities in receiving food to feed their families. 


Community Outreach through Bible Teaching:
In June 2021, the founders of The Foundation created a separate ministry called Elevated By Love Ministries International to host Bible teaching and prayer. This dynamic online school allows you to take courses to grow in your faith. It is ideal for parents, small group leaders, and teachers who are looking to grow in their knowledge of the word and teach others.


One of the premier courses is What is Love? This comprehensive course has over 30 lessons to help you grow in love and your relationships. Visit the Bible school below.





Community Outreach through Prayer:

Our Founder, Diedre Banks, has a strong foundation of prayer. With almost two decades of experience in prayer ministry and evangelism, Diedre brings a strong gift mix to community outreach. In 2020, she started the prayer group called, Intercessory Power, to create a space where people could come together virtually to give and receive prayer. Its purpose is to join like-minded intercessors who are looking to make dynamic changes in their communities through prayer.


Community Outreach through our other Programs:

Through our Sponsorships & Strategic Partnerships Program we partner with organizations that support education. We also partner with colleges and universities through our Scholarship Program





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